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Other Products


The Lacàph Tết 2023 Limited Edition gift basket is folk-inspired, celebrating the essence of spring that expresses the giver’s gratitude for the year past and wishes for wellbeing in the year to come. It exudes a traditional yet contemporary vibe, dignified with red and radiant golden colors over many items, highlighted with our unique “Year of the Cat” keychain as a yearlong collectable for the receiver to take with them wherever they go.

Our 2023 Tết Hamper includes:

  1. Lacàph Microfilter Phin Brewer
  2. Cashew
  3. Macadamia
  4. Lacàph Phin Blend
  5. Postcard
  6. Key chain

Lacàph Tote Bag

Displaying our iconic blooming coffee flower design, the Lacàph Tote Bag is an ideal way to carry your thermos bottle, a laptop or your personal items.


Lacàph Tumbler 500ml

Perfect for preserving the taste of your coffee throughout the day, the Lacàph Tumbler also helps reduce your use of plastic cups.

Net volume: 500ml


Đặc Đen Đắng: The Vietnamese Coffee Book + Free Tote Bag


Free shipping throughout Việt Nam!

Coffee is deeply rooted in the culture of Việt Nam, an intrinsic part of the country’s history and society for over a hundred years. But have you ever wondered how Việt Nam became a global coffee powerhouse, the role coffee played in President Hồ Chí Minh’s rise to power, or how a small brown bean lifted thousands out of poverty and created a coffee culture unlike any other?

Đặc Đen Đắng: The Vietnamese Coffee Book answers these questions and more. It shares the story of Việt Nam and its coffee, tales of people who work in the country’s booming coffee sector, and the role coffee has played in shaping Việt Nam since the arrival of the first beans more than 160 years ago.