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Lacàph Space - our Experience Center

Lacàph Space Sài Gòn is where we welcome you to the wonderful world of Vietnamese coffee. While the magic that makes our Lacàph Signature Blends happens at our roastery, this is the place where we introduce you to the stories of Việt Nam, and it’s interwoven relationship with coffee that stretches back over 160 years.

If you’re curious about Vietnamese coffee, Lacàph Space Sài Gòn is where we host our Journeys and Events that lead you off to explore and discover. Our Coffee Team will share stories about the beans that make Lacàph Signature Blends, the people who grow and roast them, and how coffee has touched the very fabric of Vietnamese society since it’s arrival in the 1850s. There's a lot to discover, and we are happy to share.


Lacàph Showroom

Downstairs at Lacàph Space is where we’ll introduce you to our Signature Blend coffees. If you'd like to try before you buy, we serve a limited selection of drinks upstairs that showcase the best of our coffees.

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Lacàph Story Space

Upstairs is where we hold our Events and Journeys that include creative activities and practical learning sessions. We also serve a limited selection of coffees that highlight the best of our Lacàph Signature Blends.

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Opening hours

Sunday–Thursday, 9:30–17:30
or by appointment

Friday–Saturday, 9:30–21:30
or by appointment

Lacàph Bar

Lacàph Bar

Lacàph Espresso Bar is where to go to enjoy the full selection of Lacàph coffees, teas and ready-to-drink products, as well our special release limited editions. It’s a place to grab a quick espresso on the go, or to sit for a moment longer and enjoy an iced macchiato or a refreshing cold steep cascara.

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