Signature Products

Signature Products

Coffees for the Curious

Our flagship Lacàph Signature Blends introduce you to the very best of Vietnamese coffee, showcasing the unique characteristics of Vietnam’s finest Arabica and Robusta beans.

Roasted to perfection, they highlight the individual flavors and aromas of beans sourced from the plantations of Sơn La Province in the country’s Northwest, to the coffee orchards of Lâm Đồng Province in Vietnam’s Central Highlands.

But more importantly, they celebrate the history and heritage of Vietnam’s unique coffee culture, and the passion that has enabled the country to make its mark on the coffee world. Together, Lacàph Signature Blends tell the stories of the people and communities who make these incredible coffees possible.

Lacàph Cascara Tea

Produced from the peel of ripe Arabica coffee cherries, dried and fermented to accentuate their natural sweetness and delicate fruit and honey aftertaste, cascara is rich in antioxidants with many digestive benefits. Lacàph Cascara Tea is a deeply refreshing, mildly caffeinated alternative to tea or coffee.


Lacàph Coffee Blossom Honey

Taken from beehives placed deep within the coffee plantations of Lâm Đồng Province in Vietnam’s Central Highlands, our coffee blossom honey is 100% natural and rich in antioxidants and wholesome nutrients. Lacàph Coffee Blossom Honey dissolves deliciously in the mouth with a delightful lingering sweetness.

 Net volume: 100ml



Lacàph Espresso Blend

Arabica beans from a pioneering Arabica farm in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, honey processed and then blended with Robusta to create a multi-layered coffee with strong, bold flavors. Lacàph Espresso Blend brews a round-bodied coffee that perfectly combines mild acidity and sweetness.



Lacàph Filter Blend

Arabica Catimor beans, hand-harvested from the coffee plantations of the indigenous K’Ho in Vietnam’s Central Highlands and blended with naturally washed Yellow Bourbon and Java beans. Lacàph Filter Blend brews a coffee that smoothly balances contrasting tastes of sweet and sour.



Lacàph Phin Blend

High-quality Robusta beans grown in the fertile red basalt soil of Ðắk Nông Province, blended with a small amount of Arabica to compliment and balance their bold flavors and sensory characteristics. Lacàph Phin Blend brews a traditional Vietnamese phin coffee with an enticing modern twist. 



Lacàph Signature Cold Brew

Arabica beans from our network of smallholder farms in Lâm Đồng Province roasted to enhance their smooth, dark, chocolaty notes then cold-brewed for over 18 hours. Lacàph Signature Cold Brew is a deeply refreshing drink, amazing on its own, or as an ideal mixer with something stronger. 



Phin Blend Drip Bags

Lacàph Phin Blend Drip Bags are ideal for use at home, in-room self-service, retail, or at the office. Odorless filter paper technology and our excellent Vietnamese coffee make a perfect cup.

15g x 10 sachets



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