Lacàph is a brand for the curious. We open a door to Việt Nam by sharing tales of the peoples, customs and cultures of this amazing country, guiding you on a journey of exploration and discovery through our proudly Vietnamese products.

Our Signature Blends showcase the best of Vietnamese coffee beans, honoring their remarkable heritage, the culture that has grown around them, and the unique stories that inspired the founding of our company

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Lacàph celebrates the people, passion and pride that make Vietnamese coffee incredible 

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The Lacàph coffee flower symbolizes our commitment to the people and communities who create our proudly Vietnamese products, and marks our dedication to the sustainable development of Việt Nam’s coffee sector. It celebrates the pride we have in working with those who make Lacàph possible, and of sharing their individual and unique stories with the world.

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Lacàph Space

If you’re curious about Vietnamese coffee, come and visit us at Lacàph Space to learn more. We’ll introduce you to our Lacàph Signature Blends, share the stories of their beans, the people who transport them from our partner farms into your cup, and the interwoven relationship Vietnam has with coffee.

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Lacàph Bar

Lacàph Bar

Lacàph Espresso Bar is where to go to enjoy the full selection of Lacàph coffees, teas and ready-to-drink products, as well our special release limited editions. It’s a place to grab a quick espresso on the go, or to sit for a moment longer and enjoy an iced macchiato or a refreshing cold steep cascara.

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Where does the Lacàph name mean?


Although we don’t expressly define the meaning of Lacàph, it's a combination of the Vietnamese term là ca, which means to ‘hang out’, and the words cà phê, which means ‘coffee. We’ve taken la + cà + ph and put them together to create a unique two-syllable word pronounced ‘lacaf’ in English. Hanging out and sharing coffee with friends is great fun, and our name expresses this perfectly!

Why is Lacàph a brand for the curious?


Simply put, we’ve chosen the tagline ‘Coffees for the curious’ because that’s who our products are for. We create products for people who want to know more about them, and there are plenty of stories behind our products and the people who bring them to you. You can read some of them elsewhere on our website.


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